Adult Bible Classes

  • Revelation

    jeff coffin, fellowship hall

    The book of Revelation speaks and envisions the grandeur and majesty of God like no other book in the Bible. While more difficult to read at first than most Bible books, it resonates with hope and many wonderful promises for the believer. The victory of Christ is nowhere else put on display in such dramatic fashion as well as warnings to those who fight against God and his people. Revelation interprets much Old Testament prophecy and brings it to its ultimate conclusion and fulfillment. You're invited to join us for a thrill ride!

  • christ esteem, not self esteem

    dcs. barbara coffin, conference room

    People today are desperately looking inward, trying to find the answers to life’s difficult questions. In our book study of Christ Esteem by Don Matzat we will respond to the search for self-knowledge with the Biblical truth of needing Christ Esteem and not self-esteem. Our search for personal identity will be found in the lasting identity that Christ offers.

  • resurrection and life

    Rev. Dr. matthew bean, choir room

    “The Resurrection and the Life” is a seven-week survey of the Biblical passages that frame our assurance in “the resurrection and the life” (the line from the Apostles Creed). At the end of the study, each participant will complete “homework”—reviewing the Bible passages to make selections for their funeral. In this way, each participant prepares to make their final testimony of faith in Christ Jesus.

  • christian leadership

    deborah burgett, Community room

    Leadership as Christians, in the church and at home/work offers lots of opportunities. In this class we will discuss leadership as it applies to our Christian walk, and using those talents and skill in our daily lives.