Making the Psalms Your Friend!

The book of Psalms is probably one of the most well-known books of the Bible. We sing psalms in church, we pray them at funerals, we hear them at weddings, and pastors say them to us when we are in the hospital. Yet, I know that when I try to understand these poems more deeply in the hope of finding some direction for my life, I become aware that there is a gap between me and these ancient texts that I don’t know how to bridge. Sometimes, reading them is like meeting a stranger for the first time, and I know that I am missing a lot of what they are saying to me. In this workshop, through the reading of selected psalms and other texts, through discussion and conversation, we will become more familiar with the book of Psalms, and we will learn how to bridge the gap between us and these ancient authors. My hope is that you will be encouraged to meditate on the Psalms in your personal devotional life, and that you will find encouragement and hope from these poetic voices.

Join us for an exciting workshop on the Psalms lead by Dr. Tim Saleska.  He is passionate about the book of Psalms, how Christians read and meditate on them, and the history of their interpretation in the church. 

Lunch and Children’s Program will be provided! 

Workshop audience is High School and up.

Date:   Saturday, August 17, 2019


Address:   Redeemer Lutheran Church

                 9400 Redbridge Road

                 Richmond, VA 23236

Cost:   $5 per person with a $20 max for family


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Dr. Timothy E. Saleska is professor of Exegetical Theology and dean of Ministerial Formation at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

He has been a faculty member since 1997. He was named dean of Ministerial Formation in 2011. He previously served as acting placement counselor (2004-07), editor of Concordia Theology Online (2006-08) and director of the Master of Divinity and residential certificate programs (2008-11).

His areas of interest and expertise include Hebrew and the history of exegesis. He is particularly interested in the book of Psalms, namely how Christians read and meditate on them, and the history of their interpretation in the church. He also has an interest in examining how Christians interpret the Bible in general and how pastors can form faithful readers of God’s Word and remain faithful themselves.

Before joining the Seminary, Saleska served as the pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Cincinnati (1982-95) and St. Paul Lutheran Church in Napoleon, Ohio (1995-97).

He received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Seminary (1982). He also holds an associate degree from St. John’s College in Winfield, Kan. (1976); a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Mich. (1978); and a master of philosophy and Ph.D. from Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati (1991, 1999).

In addition to other publications, Saleska authored the Bible study God’s Abiding Word: Psalms. In the spring of 2019 he completed his “labor of love:” a new volume in The Concordia Commentary Series Psalms.

Saleska and his wife, Diane, have three grown children and three grandchildren. He enjoys playing sports, biking, walking his dog, hiking, reading and coaching the Seminary’s varsity basketball team, the Preachers.