Thanksgiving Meal Donation

Thanksgiving is just around the corner where we all stop and give thanks to the Lord for all the good things he has given us. 

But this Thanksgiving is different. 2020 has been a tough year.  This pandemic has brought us all kinds of different stresses and challenges. From work to family life to just the day-to-day struggle. 

We have been through a lot and everyone is feeling overwhelmed.  

But still, we need to stop and and be thankful. 

Be thankful for our health. 

Be thankful for our jobs. 

Be thankful for our support system in our family and friends. 

And pray for those who are sick, have lost their jobs, and who are feeling isolated and alone. This year especially, we have so much to be thankful for if we have these things. 

In keeping with our mission, we will be collecting donations for The Good Samaritan Inn for Thanksgiving. 

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