Genesis 1

The Bible is not just a compilation of sixty-six books but rather a record of the greatest story known to man. It is God’s story revealing who he is so that we should know him and love him and worship him with all of our being. This story began with the book of Genesis. The first chapter begins to immediately answer that question of who God is. In other ancient near eastern cultures they also had stories to explain the beginning of time and, like Genesis 1, the driving questions were, “Who created the cosmos?” and “Why?” (Consequently, “How?” is our question and not one Genesis addresses.) On close examination of this chapter we find that Yahweh is a God who brings order and functionality to the cosmos and to humanity in particular. What began in darkness was called to light. What was once empty and void was filled with abundant life and goodness. Other ancient near eastern stories explained the genesis of earth with much violence and chaos among their pantheon of gods. Genesis declares that it is Yahweh alone who created everything and that it was created well and with order. We learn that God is an order-bringing God who gives purpose and function to all life. 

If your life is challenged by darkness today, look to the One who called forth the light to expel the darkness (see also John 1:5). If life seems devoid of purpose and feels empty, call on the Lord who gave function and purpose to everything. If you or your family has disorder, pray to the God in heaven who brought order to the whole cosmos. The one who upholds the very universe by the word of his power (Hebrews 1:3) will give order to your life and family as well even though the outlook seems grim and beyond hope. God specializes in bringing order, goodness, and life to that which seems beyond repair.

Where is God’s light and life bringing power needed in your family today? Pray for his order to reign in your family and lives today.

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