ELEVATE Conference

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”  Colossians 3:1-3

There has never been a more significant time to ELEVATE our relationship with God! Today’s world surrounds us with so many different and confusing messages about who we are, how we should live, what we should devote our time and attention to. And yet God reminds how, as His children, we are to set our hearts and minds on His kingdom.

During this ELEVATE Conference, we will explore how our Christian identity empowers us and positions us to live as God’s children every day—in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our work and school, and in our relationships with others. Each speaker will help us explore how to ELEVATE our faith in God’s promises so we can live in love, service, and peace.

Conference cost: $15 Adults / $5 Children (4-12) Conference tickets include:

Friday night concert / Saturday lunch / Saturday breakout sessions / Activities for children 4 - 12 / Free nursery for children under 3


Christian Identity

Victory Over Guilt

Healthy Relationships

Faith > Stressed Out

Stress. Anxiety. Burn out. Depression. Today we are told that it’s “normal” to be busy, to burn the candle at both ends, to fill our calendars and to max out our credit cards. But at what cost? How does this formula for life actually become unhealthy? And how does God’s Word give us a different formula regarding our relational, physical, emotional, and spiritual health? This break out will equip participants to identify the causes of stress in their lives, to make healthy decisions, and to depend upon God’s promises.  

Christianity in the Age of Comfort

“I want to be comfortable. To live the good life. To be surrounded by loving people. To make enough money to buy what I want and live how I want to live. Isn’t that the American Dream?” Every day we are told that this is what our life is about. But God’s word describes a completely different set of priorities for us as Christians. “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24) In this session participants will discover strategies for living out their Christian identity in this age of comfort.

Parent / Youth General Workshops

Conference Schedule

7:00 pm Echelon in Concert  
10:00 am Welcome  
10:30 am Christian Identity  -   Bob Lenz
11:45 am Lunch
12:30 pm WORKSHOP-Session 1  
1:45 pm WORKSHOP-Session 2  
2:45 pm Dismiss / Closing Worship  



    concert friday september 22nd @ 7:00pm

    Echelon's purpose is to make Christ known as friend and Savior through music and personal relationships. Of course, that means music, but Echelon understands that faith begins with a relationship. While they love music, the focus of their ministry is getting to know people and hanging out and eating pizza and laughing, crying, praising, praying and letting the Holy Spirit move where it will. Ministry, after all, is not as much what you do as it is what you do it for. Echelon professes that Jesus Christ is the one and only risen Savior through which all sins are forgiven and through whom is the only way to Heaven.

  • Bob lenz


    Bob Lenz is an international speaker and author who has an intense passion to share the love of Christ. He explores sober issues using his unique gift of humor, and somewhere between laughing at one of his embarrassing moments and getting choked up over one of his true stories, his hearers realize their lives have been changed.

    Bob speaks to nearly half a million teens and parents across North America each year. He has also authored the book, "Grace – For Those Who Think They Don't Measure Up."

  • Rev. Bill Harmon

    Victory over Guilt

    Bill Harmon is the Senior Pastor at King of Glory Lutheran Church in Williamsburg, Virginia. Bill is also the father of three sons, which has shaped his pastoral teaching in powerful (and humorous!) ways. Bill has been a speaker at local and national events, including National Youth Gatherings.   

  • Rev. Dr. Matthew Bean

    Christianity in the age of comfort

    Matt Bean is the Senior Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church. He has a passion for leadership and helping people and churches discover their God-given strengths and use them to grow God’s kingdom. He has been a presenter at various conferences throughout the Southeastern District and the LCMS in a variety of topics including leadership, evangelism, discipleship, small groups, strategic planning, organizational “best practices,” and policy-based governance. 



    Barb Coffin: Deaconess Barb Coffin has been serving in professional church ministry for over 15 years. She has her Masters of Arts in Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and served in Japan as a missionary for almost four years. Currently she is a full time Director of Discipleship at Redeemer Lutheran Church, full time mother of two young boys, and full time wife to husband Jeffrey. It is this balancing of life experiences and the fact that she has taught classes and lead retreats on the topic of how to handle stress that makes her excited to teach at this workshop today.