The Journey

Discovering the Essence of a Relational God

The Journey is a highly-relational, ten-point process for discipleship that begins with “Hello! My name is!” and leads to a fully-active member of RLC. The process emphasizes one-on-one relationships that we all have in our daily lives, with the goal of equipping RLC members to walk alongside their friends as they discover the life of discipleship. The Journey also emphasizes three learning topics: 1) my identity in Christ, 2) my family of faith, and 3) my opportunity for service.

The Journey series introduces the process of discipleship to the RLC membership by exploring seven aspects of our Christian identity—expressed through seven different analogies that the Bible uses to describe our relationship with God. The Journey starts with our identity because “who we are in Christ” shapes “how we live in Christ.” In other words, our Gospel-shaped identity is the basis for our daily Christian life. Once identity is grounded in the Gospel, The Journey’s part two (fellowship…the Body of Christ) and part three (service…using my gifts) will be taught later downstream. But for this step in the process, daily readings and “huddle”/small group discussions will support the weekly sermons.

True or False: Exposing the Heart of Pseudo-Faith

Throughout Luke’s Gospel Jesus confronts behaviors, and attitudes that are fundamentally antithetical to faith in Christ. Throughout the season of Lent, we realize that these behaviors and attitudes are not just things from 2000 years ago; rather they surround us every day as a part of our culture. They even infect our faith. This series will expose these false behaviors and attitudes in our own lives and direct us to a true faith in Christ.