Sticky Faith

Applying Faith Habits

As another school year begins, and another ministry program year, we will ask the question, “What does it take to have a faith that sticks?” Using the Gospel lessons from Mark as our guide, we will witness how Jesus promotes faith development among His followers. But Jesus never allows for mere head-knowledge; rather, as He shared in Matthew, Jesus direct His followers to be both hearers and doers. This is the pattern to develop faith habits.

This series will especially speak to parents and grandparents about the matter of faith in the family. While it will certainly have broader applications for a wider audience, living out faith in our homes is a critical question for all of us as we consider how to follow Jesus in the most important place of our vocation—our homes. Using the book Sticky Faith as a supplement, we will explore how to establish patterns and habits of faith for the family.

True or False: Exposing the Heart of Pseudo-Faith

Throughout Luke’s Gospel Jesus confronts behaviors, and attitudes that are fundamentally antithetical to faith in Christ. Throughout the season of Lent, we realize that these behaviors and attitudes are not just things from 2000 years ago; rather they surround us every day as a part of our culture. They even infect our faith. This series will expose these false behaviors and attitudes in our own lives and direct us to a true faith in Christ.