Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Do you have any unmet needs in your personal estate planning, for example, do you need to update or create your will or even establish a trust?

Have you considered how your giving while living and giving through your estate in the future could include Redeemer Lutheran Church?

Redeemer’s Board and the Planned Giving Initiative Team are deeply pleased to invite you to attend a live, in person seminar focused on giving to support your future. The interactive seminar, to be presented by professionals from the LCMS Foundation and the law firm of CowanGates, is scheduled for 6:00 to 7:30 pm, Tuesday, March 22 and will be held in the Fellowship Hall. The seminar is free to the attendees.

Giving to support your future primarily consists of two key components, planned giving while living and estate planning which includes your wills, trusts and medical directives. Together, they become your “Lifetime Plan for Giving” which provides for those you love and supports the ministries and charities that you care about. The personal benefits of creating and implementing a gift plan are many, including gaining peace of mind, making the most of your gifts, and providing for the future to mention a few.

Your “Lifetime Plan for Giving” is a spiritual stewardship journey divided into four stages:

  • Discovery,
  • Plan Designs,
  • The Summary, and
  • Implementation.

During the seminar, the leaders will review the plan development using each stage as a guide. The process is designed and presented in a way that benefits those who may already have a giving or estate plan in place as well as those that are just now beginning or considering creating their personal or family plans.

There is no cost to go through the gift planning process (the seminar), however, depending on the complexity of your estate and the details of your personal plan you may require independent legal counsel with associated legal expense.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar and encourage to attend.