Submitted by Ray Birk

The LIFT team continues to make progress on the building addition. But did you know there is way more involved than just the construction. Raising the student population from 80 to 160 by September is a challenging task. Kathy Bakken and her staff are busy giving tours, signing up new students, updating handbooks, understanding the laws that govern CDC's and figuring the logistics of moving classes twice within a two (2) month period.

Why two moves? The project is designed so that there is a minimum disturbance to the school. To accomplish this, the building is being completed in two steps.... first the west wing (new addition) will be completed. Upon its completion (approx. July), everything in the building will be moved. Upstairs and downstairs, everything will go into the new west wing. Temporary offices for church staff will be set up. For the school this means temporary classrooms will be set up. Once everything has been moved out of the east wing, the interior will be demolished and refurbished. Sort of like the TV show "The Property Brothers"! Two months later, in late August the east wing will be framed, wired, plumbed, dry walled, painted and completed. Then the rush will be on! After patiently waiting for the building to be finished, Kathy and her staff will be in a frantic rush to move everything into the new east wing, set up classes with new teachers, new students, new classrooms in a fresh new modern reconfigured building. Hallelujah!

As with so many things in life, there is always way more than what meets the eye. Kathy Bakken and her staff are one part of this project. Many others are spending countless hours to expand His kingdom at Redeemer. Other team members are: Doug Anderson-Construction, Bill Nau-Finance, Richard Gregory-AVlIT, Kathy Gregory-Furnishings, Ann Allen - Communications, Rachel Grossman - Logistics, Mark Hood -CDC, Andy Scherzer Playground& Landscaping.

Acts 20:24 However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.