We want to invite you to join us for a 3-part Called 2B discipleship empowerment event in partnership with the C10 congregations here in Richmond.  Called 2B is about empowering everyday believers to discover and live out their authentic calling in Christ to be a greater blessing in the world.  At its heart and soul Called 2B takes a deep dive into Luther’s teaching on vocation, that idea that we as followers of Jesus each of us have a calling in life that we are to live out in love and service to our neighbors, in a personal and practical way.  We will be gathering in-person and online for three Saturday mornings in March, April & May for focus on the three elements of Called 2B:


Saturday, March 13th – Identity: Connecting believers to their authentic identity in Christ.

Saturday, April 17th – Empowerment: Connecting believers to Jesus heart, soul, mind and body.

Saturday, May 15th – Impact: Connecting believers to their world in relevant and transformative ways.


As part of Called 2B you will be invited to take the CliftonStrengths assessment as a gift from C10 to help you identify your God-given talents as part of God’s workmanship and design in your life in order to help you develop them to build a strengths-based life and ministry.  We are the Priesthood of All Believers!  Called 2B honors that calling and identity by seeking to empower believers like you to discover and live out who you have been created and redeemed to be in Christ in your everyday life so that we can see lives transformed and our communities impacted for the Kingdom.  We invite you to sign up and join us on this journey to discover in a deeper way who you have been called to be.

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