Adult Bible Classes

Three classes that run 9 weeks starting January 6th.

  • Genesis (fellowship Hall)

    lead by Pastor Matt, Pastor Rich and Karen Shoaf

    Imagine the perfect family. A family that lives together in harmony. A family that never has any major issues or character flaws. A family filled with role models. A family story that we all admire. Well…that ain’t this story!

    The book of Genesis is a story about a family that is filled with contradictions. Bold statements of faith and faithfulness co-exist with sin, conflict, broken relationships, infidelity, murder, betrayal, guilt, and the worst expressions of soap-opera, Jerry Springer drama. In short, the book of Genesis is filled with people that are REAL. But more importantly, this book tells the story about a God who demonstrates His love, grace, forgiveness, and faithfulness to people despite their brokenness.

  • a Study of paul's journeys (board Room)

    lead by Alan Behnke

    This nine week course will shows us more about Paul, the man, his background, personality and talents. We will also learn more about the political and historical events that influenced the work of Paul. Finally we will strengthen our faith due to what the Holy Spirit accomplished with Paul and his work.

  • faith in the workplace (choir room)

    Lead by julie norman

    This compelling, in-depth Bible study will help you see the urgency for sharing your hope in Jesus Christ in the workplace. The studies also offer tools for building the confidence to share that hope at work. 

  • FAithweaver (community room)

    lead by amy ford & leigh farmer

    This class for parents parallels what the children learn in their Sunday School classes.