Adult Bible Classes

Join us for Adult Sunday School classes between services.

  • LUKE

    (fellowship Hall) lead by various teachers

    Luke is a mission-focused Gospel. From its very first words, Luke had one purpose in mind: “That you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.” The knowledge imparted here is not just data…not just facts connected with events in history. Rather this knowledge is allowing the “why” behind the facts to inform and govern our lives.

    Luke reveals to us not just what Jesus did, but the why. Because of love. God’s fatherly love for us. Jesus’ servant-rich heart for us. Over and over again we will see God’s loving heart for us. And we will be challenged to show this heart in our lives just like God showed it to us. To follow His example. To replicate His heart

  • Becoming a Contagious Christian

    (community Room)  lead by missy paal

    “Is your love for Jesus contagious? It can be! Come join us during Sunday school to learn and discuss how evangelism doesn’t have to be intimidating but how we can effectively communicate our faith in our own natural way.” 

  • Google Lutheran


    What makes Lutherans distinct from other Christian denominations? What are the essentials of our faith…those things that are more than just “style,” but rather are the actual “substance” of our faith? This 8-week class explores a variety of topics that will help participants discover and celebrate the unique, liberating essence of being Lutheran.


    (BOARD rOOM)  lead by dcs. barb coffin

    Nothing lifts us out of fear and weariness like hope. This book shows us that the promises of God will give you the strength you need. Each chapter explores one Biblical promise that will help equip you to face every day with courage.