What are “Stepping Stones?”

Imagine standing on the shore of a wide stream, looking over to the other side, plotting your navigational path to reach the other shore.  How will you cross…without totally getting soaked?  

Stepping stones provide the way.  As you step from one stone to another—from one pivotal transition point to another—you move closer toward your destination on the other side.  

In the same way, a “Stepping Stone” is a moment in our life—an important moment of transition when we have the opportunity to recognize and celebrate how God has blessed us in this moment, and also to publicly articulate how our faith in Christ applies in this moment.  “Stepping stones” are especially meaningful for families to celebrate together, recognizing how the family is the most significant faith-shaping influence in our lives.  

At Redeemer, we celebrate 7 “Stepping Stone” moments as we recognize a child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual development as they navigate “the stream” between birth and graduation from high school.  Each of these moments provides the opportunity for children and their families to celebrate the gift of faith God has given them during significant transitions in their lives.  

The 7 “Stepping Stones” are:

  • Baptism:  Parents celebrate how God has blessed their infant child with the gift of faith

  • Together We Worship:  Kindergarten students learn about the symbols and elements of the worship service

  • First Bible:  2nd grade students learn how to read the Bible

  • First Communion:  5th grade students learn about the history and theology behind the Lord’s Supper

  • The Journey:  Rising 6th grade students learn how to love God and serve others through adolescence

  • Confirmation:  8th grade students commit themselves to serving God as young adults

Graduation:  High School seniors commit themselves to serving God as they take those last steps into the outside world whether going to college, technical school, or anywhere else the Lord may send them.

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