Autumn. It’s time for falling leaves, the World Series, pumpkin picking, football games and cooler temperatures – change is in the air! But as we adjust to these changes, our Redeemer family is also preparing for the changes to our facility and the ministry opportunities that are upon us this fall through LIFT! While the excitement and anticipation builds as we move further along with our LIFT project, capital campaign and eventual church facility expansion, it is crucial for us to also remember the needs and expenses of our church’s day-to-day functions and operations (otherwise known as Redeemer’s annual operating budget).

The annual operating budget in years’ past has included all annual church expenditures

(i.e. – salaries, mortgage, maintenance, insurance, outside giving, etc.); however, the proposed 2016 budget will have a much different appearance as the facility-related expenses will be shared with Redeemer’s Child Development Center beginning in September 2016 upon completion of the new facility. The 2016 proposed annual operating budget is available in the narthex for your review and will be discussed at our congregational budget hearing on Sunday, November 8th following the late service.

In the coming weeks, you will receive 2 pledge cards – one for the capital campaign pledge AND one for the annual operating budget. As you take the time to prayerfully consider your sacrificial gift to the LIFT campaign, please also include in your prayers your giving to the annual operating budget. While it is important that we look toward our giving goal for the LIFT campaign, it is essential that we are also able to financially sustain Redeemer in its current operations.

Sometimes, with the enthusiasm that campaigns like LIFT can generate, people are tempted to take a portion of what they are giving to the operating budget and move it over to the campaign. After all, paying for the new building is a lot more exciting than paying the church’s electric bill! However, let me remind you that our ministry is dependent upon the regular tithes and offerings of our members, which makes up the annual budget, while the campaign is about giving above and beyond regular tithes and offerings. (This follows the biblical pattern we have discussed in our Bible classes about the nature of a capital campaign.) If you are unable to give an “above and beyond” gift, that’s ok! We would simply ask you to support the ministry with your regular tithe.

With that said, let me encourage you to also consider how to grow in this area. As you consider your pledge to the 2016 operating budget, take a step of faith. For instance, if you have been giving an offering of 5% of your annual income, consider increasing to 6%, etc. This is a significant way to grow in our faith, trusting that the Lord will provide.

God’s richest blessings be with us all!

Pastor Bean                                             Keren Adelaar

                                                                     LIFT - Annual Operating Budget Team Leader

All shall give as they are able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God that he has given you. (Deuteronomy 16:17)