BOD Congregational Meeting

Greetings to You in the name of Jesus Christ, our risen Savior,

Thank you to those that participated in our special congregation meeting held after each service on Sunday, April 22nd.  As promised, the materials that we presented to you are found below for your further review (printable document HERE). If, after reading this you have any questions, please reach out to a board member, or contact us at

Redeemer's mission is to reach people for Jesus, embracing them in a Christ-centered community, nurturing them in God's Word to be faithful disciples. In 2015, we took a step out in faith to invest in this mission, through LIFT, to expand our physical footprint within our community. We knew then that this step of faith included financial commitments, both near and long term. And, being the stewards that you are, you enthusiastically pledged $1.3M toward this step and continue to deliver on this commitment, totaling $1.1M to date. Praise God! 

Our work is not done. Our 2018 budget is similar to the 2017 budget, and as we mentioned, without significant change in our tithes and offerings this year, we are looking at another ~$100k deficit in the church ministry, ~10% difference between expenses and giving.  Additionally, we have been made aware of immediate capital expenditure items that need our attention as well.

In light of our mission, we ask you to prayerfully consider your tithes and offerings to Redeemer. Going to Him in prayer and act on what He is placing on your heart is what we ask. He will provide for Redeemer! He blesses us daily and will continue to bless us as we will always and steadfast be focused on Him.

May God bless you and keep you in His grace,

The Board of Directors

Redeemer Lutheran Church